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As a Group under the name EUROVIA we have been operating successfully for more than 10 years. Years during which we grew and developed companies with different industries where we emphasize: Construction and real estate investments, trade in goods (FMCG), production of energy from natural resources, marketing and promotion and many other industries. The companies that are intertwined represent an economically strong entity with extraordinary capacities to realize any business challenge.
The main goal of the Holding is the development of existing business and new businesses, which directly affects the economy of the company. Below we will briefly introduce you to all the companies of the Group and the services we offer.

CEO Message


Our success depends on our ability to maintain the trust of our customers and shareholders. Among our highest priorities is operating with integrity, respect, and accountability – everywhere and every day.

At Eurovia Holding, we firmly believe that our business is made possible by the society that surrounds us and that our growth and continuity as a company depends on our ability to harmoniously sync with the communities in which we operate. More than ever, the business activities of any given corporation exert a tremendous impact on the wider society. As a Corporate member of society, we at Eurovia Holding look beyond the mere generation of profits to communicate with diverse stakeholders, contribute to the betterment of the world, and create even greater value.
To grow our business, we will increase productivity of existing businesses as well as expand into new areas. We will also work to ensure the increasingly diverse and sophisticated needs of our clients are met, by expanding the scope of our business from public-side services, such as public equity and public and corporate bonds, to private-side products and services, such as private equity and privately placed bonds.

We believe that helping to create a sustainable world through our business will lead to further business growth. By taking advantage of our collective expertise and strengths, we will expand into new digital areas in light of structural changes to society and the economy.

Elmedin Ademi
CEO and Founder

"A critical part of my vision for the firm is making sure that our people are happy and excited about what they do, and that we build a company that family and friends can be proud of."

Elmedin Ademi

Key Business Lines


There’s a significant difference between a vendor that your company utilizes and a true partner for your business. A partner is willing to tell you the bad news as well as the good — and proactively help you find ways to overcome tough challenges. A partner is always looking to the future, creating recommendations that will help you strategically position for success over time. Our professional team want to be a part of the growth of your business and to achieve your business goals and objectives.

Our ambitions are bold but our dedication to the work required to achieve these goals is not new. We are proud of our longstanding commitment to being a good corporate citizen in our communities and believe that our culture of operational excellence will help us to succeed in carrying out our plan.

We are a private investment group working alongside strategic partners acquiring small businesses from owners that are looking to retire.  We build business!

We view a business acquisition as a team effort working towards a common goal.  We will work with you and your team to create win-win solutions and ensure a smooth transition.
We focus on the things that matter most to you; protecting your employees, preserving your legacy, peace of mind and a fair price.  All without a long drawn out sales process.

Investments have always been the lifeblood of the economy. Over the last decade, the exponential boom in the number of investments has created a massive platform for investors.

Our investment team partners with corporates to identify, collaborate with, and invest in the next generation of changemakers. And our advisory team provides a wide range of strategic services to help our clients future-proof their businesses, challenge conventional thinking, and drive operational improvements.

From the Blog

Eurovia becomes the leading investor in Kiimo in its upcoming Funderbeam campaign

Skopje, March 19, 2021 – Today in the premises of the Macedonian Stock Exchange AD Skopje, Eurovia and the startup company Kiimo signed an investment agreement wherewith our company Eurovia undertook to be the so-called a leading investor in Kiimo, in order to provide the key condition for launching an additional fundraising campaign by Kiimo through the global innovative crowdfunding platform Funder beam.

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10 Years EUROVIA

The year 2020 marks the Jubilee of Eurovia. This is also a very special year where the world facing an unprecedented global health crisis. While it’s not a time for celebration, it is still important for us to reflect on the past, and more importantly, to focus on the future.

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Choosing a General Contractor: What Financiers Need to Know

Hiring a contractor is the most important step a business owner will take when building a new facility or updating existing space. The key to hiring an efficient, trustworthy contractor lies in your ability to ask the right questions before you hire a contractor.

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