Women in Construction – a missing force

The focus of Women in Construction Week is to raise awareness of the opportunities available to women in the construction sector and highlight the growing role of women in the industry.

For this reason, for the first time this year, Eurovia DOOEL is dedicating the first week of March to highlight the growing role of women in the construction sector. Radmila B. Mihajlovska talks about this topic, sharing her experiences and knowledge over the years. Radmila is the Project Manager at Eurovia, and during her successful 12-year career, she has managed projects for highly reputable companies.

Have you always been interested in the construction sector?

I can say that since I was very young I have loved to draw a lot. I’ve always been a kid who created something and thought outside the box. In kindergarten we had many ways we could spend our free time, but I always chose to draw.

Later, when I started university, I realized that the qualities I had in geometry, drawing / painting would help me a lot if I started a career in the construction sector. Now that I am part of the same sector, I realize that I fit in much better than I expected.

How do you think more women can be encouraged to work in construction?

In my opinion, there should be more information about opportunities and careers available within the construction sector. The sector is definitely still dominated by men and I would like to see this industry being increasingly represented by women. We can all learn from each other, so I would encourage local schools and universities to show women the benefits of working in the construction industry by organizing young people to listen to the experiences of women who have chosen this career path.

Does Eurovia have an impact on your career?

Eurovia has always had a strong influence and support in the process of fulfilling my dreams – for which I am very grateful! I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the learning opportunities and work experience opportunities offered by Eurovia.

What are you most proud of?

What makes me proud is the end of a project for which I have worked hard. The profession is not easy it requires dedication and focus but at the same time it also has its benefits in the very fact that the completion of a job is physically visible and can be enjoyed. It is really nice to see your projects in the city.

Do you recommend other women to follow your career path?

Undoubtedly, the opportunities and career advancement in construction are endless and always evolving. As in any career, in the construction sector you have to focus and work hard to reap the many benefits that this career brings.

A career in architecture can be very rewarding. There is a wide range of projects in which you can get involved. I would encourage all women to gain as much practical experience as possible so that they can discover where their skills and level of interest fit.

Where would you like to see the industry after five years?

We are a creative force and need to foster change and innovation in our sector. After five years, I would like to see an architect get involved in all stages of a project.

The industry should focus mostly on customers, bring innovations and new projects that will be at the service of society, at least we as Eurovia follow this principle.

The construction sector is a male-dominated sector. How can we overcome this barrier?

We have a big problem with attracting and then engaging women in this industry, and that is our biggest hurdle. There are not enough women advancing in leadership roles because there are simply not enough women interested in staying in construction. Architecture is a creative profession that requires great attention to detail and knowledge in construction.

I think women should be encouraged, especially from a young age, if they are interested in design and architecture, then they should be supported by their parents, siblings and their teachers.