Company Description

Polyesterday is a company founded 20ty years ago, in 1998. Over the years, Polyesterday has become a leading printing center in the region and from 2017-th it is the first center with an online platform for online orders.  The implementation of the digital technology in the printing industry, Polyesterday’ management observes as an opportunity for further up growth. Investing in digital technology has led Polyesterday since its beginnings to become competitive company which offers high quality products and distinguished delivery deadlines. By the use of digital technology and incorporation of appropriately educated personnel in the business process, Polyesterday has become undeniable leader in digital printing in Macedonia. The successful story and the lust for up growth and expansion contributed Polyesterday to enlarge its capacities in Belgrade, Serbia. The conception that “Everything that can become digital, will become digital” gives Polyesterday motive for investing, up growing and flourishing in the sphere of digital printing and printing technologies.

Company Details

    • Company Name: Polyesterday DOOEL
    • Occupation: Digital Imaging, Print House
    • Website: www.polyesterday.mk